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Retracting Screen Door DIY Kit - up to 108 W x 84 H (Inches)

This retractable screen door kit system will fit doors up to 9' wide and 8' high. The applications for this kit is numerous.

Our retractable screen system is easy to assemble and require only a few steps. Within a short time, you will be enjoying your screen and all of its benefits. Our systems come complete with all the components needed to completely assemble and install your screen. Unlike other screen kits available online, ours does not require anything else to buy or add.

This screen door system comes with a durable, high strength fiberglass mesh that will keep 100% of the bugs and insects out, while allowing ideal air circulatation through.The mesh fabric has a high degree of visiblity and you are able to see through it without any obstruction or impediment. The screen mesh appears almost invisible, hence these screens are often called, 'invisible screens'.

Retractable screens are able to retract or withdraw back into its cassette housing, so it is out of the way and out of sight. This allows the screen to be protected from damage and gives you easy access to your doors for maintenance and cleaning.

All Bravo screen systems come a patented hydraulic clutch, which allows the screen to be smoothly retracted into the cassette housing, without slamming. The screen operates with a pull chain for easy opening and closing.

A few color selections are available to match the esthetics of your screen to the door frame, so it will blend seamlessly. 


These screens are ideal for any residential or commerical use. Garages, Patios, Porches, Folding Bi-fold doors and so much more.

Screen System Components:

Screen Cassette with screen mesh enclosed

Spring Assembly


Top and Bottom Tracks

External Latch

Mounting Clips

All required screws