Spring and summer months are the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor area. This area becomes an ideal spot to barbecue with friends, have parties or even relax and unwind alone. One of the biggest drawbacks of these areas is their infestation of pesky insects and annoying bugs. We at Bravo have the answer to this bothersome problem — Retractable Porch Screens.

By installing a Bravo Retractable screens for porches, you can enjoy the circulation of fresh air, while  at the same time prevent the entry of obnoxious bugs and insects. At Bravo, we want our customers to enjoy fresh air circulation into their homes, while eliminating all the risks that come with open doors. In addition, our screens provide the perfect amount shade from the sun's harmful glaring rays while adding to your privacy.

Our System M 76 & M102 Bravo Retractable Porch Screen can be used for an area up to 300" Wide x 220" High. The housing cassette is 3" x 3" &  4" x 4" in diameter. This system is perfect for any residential or commercial use. System M76 & M102 comes complete and is very easy to mount. Specifically designed for medium wind & No Blow out systems.

Our porch screen can be fitted to any opening and are available in a variety of colors in order to match your molding or decor. Our products blend seamlessly blend into the recesses appearing inconspicuous. They can mount on the interior and exterior of homes and buildings. Available for a variety of uses from porch, balconies, gazeboes, garages and workshops.

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Whether you have a home or business, an outdoor space is a wonderful place for family, friends or patrons to enjoy. No matter how you use your space, on a warm day, everyone loves to be outside. However, if you are relaxing or eating, annoying insects and bugs can become a problem. In addition, sometimes the sun's glare and even heat can be a little much. Bravo designs and manufactures many different retractable screening options that allow you to still enjoy your space, but to keep the annoying bugs and sun's glare at bay. We manufacture manual and motorized retractable patio door screens , porches, lanais, balconies, folding doors and other large openings.

Bravo patio screens allow you to continue enjoying fresh air circulation. In addition, our screening mesh allows you perfect see-thru ability while giving you maximum protection against nasty bugs and insects.Thereby, making  your or your customer's time outside more pleasant and enjoyable. We have options in your choice of screen mesh to provide you with the adequate amount of UV protection and to reduce the sun's glare, making watching TV or working on a computer or tablet easy to see. 

Our manual and motorized screens are able to retract back out of sight when not in use, as they have a protective housing or case in which the screening mesh slides into. Yet while in use, our screens are discreet and barely noticeable, appearing almost invisible. With many colors to choose from, your retractable pscreens will either blend seamlessly or complement your decor. 

Bravo screens help to open up living spaces, while providing you a comfortable and enjoyable place to relax. See why our customers are so happy. Contact us at Bravo to see how we can work for you. No matter what the size or condition, we can find the right screening product for you.