Motorized Retractable Garage Screens M46

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Motorized Retractable Garage Screens for larger openings. Patios, balconies, gazebos, garage & workshops. width is 194 inches & screen height is 102 inches. These powerscreens can also be used on overhead door car garage, screened porch & retractable patio screens. They stop bugs & insects from entering the house & let the sunlight in. Now you can enjoy life in comfort with breeze. easy installation  for any projects.We have the right product & solution for you.
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Motorized Retractable Garage Screens M46

Motorized Retractable Garage Screens M46 System Measurements:

184″ (max width) and 102″ (max height) with 16 x 18 Insect Screen Mesh

184″ (max width) and 98″ (max height) with 20 x 30 Solar Coated Screen Mesh

184″ (max width) by 82″ (max height) or 82″ (max width) by 236″ (max height) with Solar Fabrics used for Interior Use Only.

If you are looking for a motorized garage door screen, then you have found the right place. At Bravo, we manufacture the finest and most compact systems for motorized garage screens. Our motorized garage door screens can be custom fitted to your garages or any openings – patios, sliding doors, balconies, French doors, gazebo, porches, lanais, large patio folding doors or  workshops, to keep  bugs &  insects out, sunlight and fresh air.

Bravo motorized garage screen doors are manufactured with the latest technology and are able to operate with a press of a button. The ease and convenience make it second to none.Your screen door will retract back into its cassette so that it will be protected from damage and breakdown due to prolonged weather exposure. We also have motion control sensor motorization that will activate your screen through motion detection. As well, there is temperature control motorization which will lower or raise your screen doors, skylight shades or screen or window shades through temperature-controlled activation.
Retractable motorized screens can  used on  variety of  projects, such as patio, deck & pool  applications are unlimited. All extrusions are made of aluminium.

The M46 Motorized Screen Door System is designed for insect protection & air flow.

For Medium Wind Loads, please click  Motorized Screen Door M102 Vertical Drop

For High Wind Conditions or Loads, please click  No Blow Out MZT136 Motorized Screen Door

Bravo Motorized Retractable Garage Screens can be mounted on the interior and exterior of residential homes or commercial  buildings.We offer two types of meshes for your screen door: insect screen or solar-coated mesh with solar transmissions from 30% down to 4%. Additional, we have a solar fabric that is available for inside use only.

Benefits and Features:
1-Reduces energy cost related to heating & cooling living space
2-Stops UV rays from harming interior & furnishings
3-Gives you 99% view out through the fabric and approximately 5% view in
4-Bravo Motorized system compatible with home automation systems
5-Standard TV Remote that is capable of operating up to 2000 units
6-Motion sensor control for automatic control of screens & shades
7-Temperature sensor control for auto screen & shade control
For more information about our Motorized Retractable Garage Screens for your garage door, Please contact us at 1-800-446-1626.

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White, Almond, Brownstone, Adobe Gray, Desert Tan, Hunter Green, Black

11 reviews for Motorized Retractable Garage Screens M46

  1. L.Gaudt

    I have bought 3 motorized screens over time they work great from 2011 to 2013 L.Gaudt.Ont

  2. M.giro

    have three of the screens work very good M.Goro.Ont

  3. T.Wods

    we have purchased 10 or more screens for our clients they work great. T Woods.ont

  4. A.Sttuer

    the screens fit perfect and easy to install took me half hour. A.Sttuer. NB

  5. Dana

    solved my summer problem this is good product.for my garage.Dana. AB

  6. Moreau

    I ordered online was worried about the fitting but it was so good I am happy now. Moreau. QC

  7. R. Reming

    I bought 6 porch screens they work great. Thanks James for all the help. R. Reming. W Beach FL

  8. Arnold Kimmi

    very happy with the screen thank you james. Arnold Kimmi. HI

  9. Panos

    we have 14 of these motorized screens very happy with the product. Thank sam for the help. Panos .NY

  10. L.Gaudt

    this is my fourth screen very happy with there products. Thanks sam again. L.Gaudt Ont

  11. W.Rob

    Bought the motorized screen for my deck fit and work great. W.Rob WA

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