Custom  home builders of state of the art eco friendly homes through green building

No Loss Investment, a division of Gandhi Group of Co., is a real estate financing company that provides low risk investment opportunities with the potential to earn a high yield returns in a relatively short term. Our opportunities are in real estate investments, specifically in the construction and sale of state of the art custom built eco friendly homes.

Each project will have several real estate investors that are investing money, thus financing the construction of the home. After completion of the home, it will be sold and each investor will receive their percentage of the sale. In each and every project, No Loss Investment will be one of the investors because we believe wholeheartedly that these are good, reliable investments with the opportunity to yield high interest rates of return through little to no risk. Your initial investment is always safe and GUARANTEED, never at risk for loss. We hope this shows you how confident we are that these investments are smart and sound financial planning for your financial success as well.

This is a great alternative to the traditional investment property holding that many people have because this investment provide you with a faster and higher return without any of the hassles of owning and maintaining investment property! At No Loss, we believe this is the safest and wisest way to be investing!
Each and every one of us desires to have
financial freedom and the ability to fulfill our dreams. Many dream about buying a home, but need down payment assistance. Others dream of being send our children to college, but a sound college savings plan is needed. All of us desire to have enough of a nest egg or retirement income to allow us to live comfortable and in ease, but this requires smart retirement planning
. Well with No Loss Investment, we can help. Our investments allow you to feel safe about your money and confident that it can grow to meet your financial needs.

At No Loss Investment, we want to help you plan for your future! The solutions are real and the possibilities are endless!