Retractable Garage Screen Door M104 Vertical Drop

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Our M104 Vertical Drop Retractable Garage Screen Door for  Your Garage Max Width 195″ x 100″H for larger sizes Call 1-800-446-1626

Anyone that loves working in their garage knows how hot, humid and stuffy it can become in the summer months. It can be stifling – unless you open that door just a crack! But then, you have the mosquitoes, flies, pollen, dust and debris flying in. Now what do you do?
For larger sizes Call Toll Free 1-800-446-1626

Retractable garage screen door

About the Bravo Retractable Garage Screen door … Creatively designed to be the perfect retractable screen solution that gives your garage instant curb ..

Garage door screens retractable

The Smoothest garage door screens retractable can be used as Garage Door, Patio Screens and fits any porch, deck, or large opening around your house.Do you want to make your garage more accessible with a retractable garage door screen , while not having to improve your lifestyle drastically? Well, our M76 vertical drop screen for garage door is just what you need to let sunlight in & pests out.

  1. – The 18 x 16 Insect Mesh option features dimensions that include 195″ (max width) and 100″ (max. height) for Larger sizes call 1-800-446-1626
  2. -It’s housing casement has a diameter of a mere 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 inches, which makes its slim design unobtrusive and almost blended into your existing garage door.
  3. -The manual screen garage door can be operated from either inside or outside the garage, giving you greater flexibility for your or motorized

How to Measure       How to install a roll up garage screen


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Retractable Garage Screen Door these screens keep bugs out

Garages are no longer just being utilized as a car park or storage. Many homeowners are converting or modifying their garages into usable living or working space. Garages are becoming full workshops, gyms, offices and even an additional family or living room. Although this space is being utilized in a new way, many people want to keep the same architectural look along with keeping the garage door.

Maintaining the garage door allows you to easily open up your space to the outside and allow fresh air and light in. This is a great feature that a wall conversion will not allow. Opening up your new living or working space to fresh air circulation and light is great. However, bugs, insects and blowing debris find a way in as well. If you are keeping your garage door and use it frequently, you might wish to think about installing a retractable garage screen door to circumvent these problems.

Bravo Retractable Garage Screen Door is constructed with a durable and long- lasting fibreglass mesh. The mesh is designed with high visibility and easy to see through and will not obstruct your views. This product is so visible, they are considered invisible screens as they appear almost invisible or naked to the eye. Retracting screens, like their name implies, retract back, roll up or withdraw back into their cassette when not in use.

This feature allows your screen to be out of sight and out of the way when not being used. This retracting feature protects your screen and prevents it from being a nuisance when not being used.

For every homeowner to be able to find the best system for their garage, there are several tips that you must consider: 1). It is vital that you obtain the exact measurements of your garage or workspace before ordering. A common error is reversing the width and height measurements.

Remember that width is the side-to-side measurement and height is the top-to-bottom measurement. It is also important NOT to round up or down on measurements, unless the manufacturer suggests. These points are crucial as the precise information needs to be given in order for your screen to be manufactured correctly.

2). You need to choose whether to have your retractable garage screen door ready to install (manufactured to your sizing requirements) or whether you want to install a DIY kit on overhead door. The kit contains all the essential components that you need for the installation and requires some assembly. This option is a more affordable one. DIY garage screen kits are very easy to install and only require a few tools and a bit of time to perfectly fit your screen.

Easy to follow instructions are included and you can do it even if you are alone. While it is true that there are a lot of companies selling retracting screens, not all screens are the same. Make sure quality components and custom manufacturing is done, so your screen will be durable. It lasts for years to come and fits perfectly when installed.

Finally, a good garage screen mesh should be able to provide you with the full protection of the sun’s ultra violet rays and from annoying bugs and insects. You can choose different designs, features, styles, colors and options that you want to customize your garage screen door. Motorized garage door screens continue to be a favourite because they offer ease of operation and conveniently open or close within seconds.

For Larger garage screen system & improve Lifestyle

Retractable Garage Screen Door is not just for residential use anymore. More and more businesses are using our Retractable Garage Screen Door products in a variety of locations and applications, from restaurants, bars, pubs and offices, coffee drive-thru windows, pool and recreation facilities, gyms and so much more. If you have a space in your business that is not being utilized and you want to open it up to the outside, then Bravo products may be your answer.

Please call 1-800-446-1626 Bravo Screens to help you select the best product for your needs, whether home or business. It can also be used on a variety of openings, such as car garage, porch, gazebo and lanai .Cassettes & tracks are made of quality aluminium material.

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retractile screens are also called roll garage screen


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8 reviews for Retractable Garage Screen Door M104 Vertical Drop

  1. C smith

    Ideal for my garage door 144×94 works great. thnks C. Smith MB

  2. Dan Sawaty

    bought 2 of them for my garage doors good product & easy to use. Dan Sawaty. AB

  3. Allen

    got this for garage works good. Allen NB

  4. C. Porter

    Fits my garage door good now can enjoy the summers working on the car.C Porter. ON

  5. Antonio Cargnel

    got this screen for my garage happy with the product. Antonio Cargnel. ON

  6. John Mcgill

    very happy with the five deck screens. Thanks guys. John Mcgill. Ont

  7. Alex

    Great product and service the screen fitted very good. Alex. Fl

  8. J. Daugherty

    Hey Sam
    I got the screen installed today, Went up easily and fit perfectly, Love it.
    I appreciate the great service and communication you provided as well. J. Daugherty. AL

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