Our Skylight Retractable screens can be used on any skylight with inside or outside mounting. You can use standard or solar screen materials. 

Skylights are a popular addition to residential homes and commercial buildings. They are popular because they bring in additional light and fresh air into your rooms. A retractable insect screen is a great solution because it still allows natural light and the fresh air to filter in, but it keeps insects, bugs and any flying debris out. The fibreglass mesh is tightly woven so that even the smallest of pesky bugs cannot get in.

Air conditioning in the summer time and heating your home is costly. So, instead of losing money every year, why not invest in a retractable skylight shade? Retractable skylight shades allow you to cover the skylight during the hottest periods in the summer, thereby keeping your rooms cooler. Likewise in the winter, retracting the shade will  keep valuable heat in and more money in your pocket. Retracting shades are available in manual or motorized operation. 

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