Retractable Screen Benefits

• Retractable Screen The screen virtually disappears when not in use
• Recess mount design The screens are small and specifically designed to rest on
the surface or in the recess area of any door or window
where they remain virtually unnoticeable
• Safety design The screen expands on impact preventing damaged
screens or personal injury
• Built-in hydraulic dampener Smooth, easy retraction; No Slamming of the screen if accidentally released
• Low maintenance When not in use the screen is protected from dirt, ultra violet light and including weather. No more removing the screen to wash windows and storing screens in the winter
• Hot Paint  finish A better finish and long lasting appearance
• Adjustable door handle heights Easy opening for both children and adults of any height
• Flexibility of sizes Custom sizing takes mere moments
• Top and bottom insect piling Thick insect piling keeps the bugs out
• Stainless steel spring Withstands even the most extreme weather conditions
• Full length rust-proof magnetic Provides a complete secure seal from top to bottom and No gaps
• No lubrication required Screen simply glides within the rails. No wheels or rollers
to lubricate