French Door Screens

French door screens door can refer to hinged screen door covering an exterior door, or a screened sliding door used with sliding glass doors. These screen doors may be used in colder as well as warmer climates and this change in seasons also changes their composition, making it either storm door or screen door respectively.  The main purpose of screen doors is to allow light, air, and views in the room, preventing small kids or pets from going outside while preventing the movement of flying insects or airborne debris like seeds or leaves from plants. The construction of screen door involves the usage of aluminum or wood for the production of frames and then employs screen mesh in the center for its proper usage.
Role and vitality of screen doors
Currently, screen doors are playing a vital role in designing as well as furnishing of home. With the help of screen doors, people are able to add more depth, vibrancy and color to their houses. Because of these screen doors, the view is also maximized and more light can enter the room enlightening the structure as well as increases the durability, functionality, and performance. Moreover, it is through screen doors that we are able to get a breeze in the rooms and through cross-ventilation can lower the temperature of the room significantly. Additionally, screen doors are used to keep flying insects and airborne debris like seeds or leaves from plants away from indoors. This is highly significant from a medical perspective as due to use of these screen doors, various disease-causing insects like malarial, dengue and yellow fever mosquitoes, Zika virus, etc. are reduced. Moreover, people facing any type of contagious diseases are also kept within screen doors decreasing the chances of contamination and spreading of diseases. Furthermore, screen doors can help in child safety as they prevent children from moving towards unwanted places, saving them from any unfortunate tragic accidents. Furthermore, screen doors also prevent burglary from taking place and reduce the chances for violence, homicides and criminal activities. Finally, yet importantly, by preventing the movement of seeds, pollen or leaves from different plants, the problem of asthma and allergies can be reduced.

Various types of screen doors available
There are three main types of screen doors available:
Hinged screen doors/storm doors
Retractable French screen doors
Sliding screen doors

All the three main types of screen doors generally come with the aluminum frame. However, in order to introduce some vintage and old design in-house, most of the people nowadays opt for a wooden frame. As far as the screen is concerned, normally people go for screens that cover the entire surface. But sometimes, for the sake of safety and increased protection and security, people select screen for the half area and use aluminum or wooden material for another half. Moreover, materials to be used for screen mesh include Stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and polyester.Stainless steel screens, are one of the most secure screen doors and allow for greatest protection from various insects and are generally available in standardized black color.

Vinyl coated polyester screens, also known as super screens, are up to 5 times stronger than standard fiberglass screens. These screens are more resistant towards scratches, tears, and scrapes caused due to household pets. They are mostly available in black or white color.

Solar screen fiberglass screens, provide over 60% protection from UV rays and sunlight and is made up of thicker strands of fiberglass. The use of solar screen fiberglass screens protects carpets and fabrics from fading and also reduce energy bills.

Standard fiberglass mesh, normally available in charcoal and gray, offers excellent viewing and appearance. Its characteristic feature includes its ability to withhold denting and external damages and its low costs. Due to its tendency to withhold external pressure, it serves to protect inside from tiny insects, pollen’s, and allergens.

Criteria for selection of screen doors
While selecting screen doors, various factors are to be considered. These include:
The main purpose of screen doors i.e. whether used for protection against insects, burglary, preventing kids from going outside, reduction in contamination etc.,

The material to be used,
the design to be made (combination of screen mesh and aluminum or simply screen mesh) etc.

Retractable French screen doors
Retractable French screen doors are a version of pocket door usually attached to the exterior face of the door. It also can be fixed to the interior frame of a doorway. When not in use, the screen withdraws into the recess of the frame. Retractable French screen doors make a nearly invisible screen allowing for greater flexibility and prevention of obstruction and distraction of view. It permits the rolling up of screen and withdraws itself into its protective casing. Moreover, a wide variety of colors available makes it a very attractive and beautiful addition to the house. Additionally, safe-glide speed reducer helps in protecting the fingers against slamming of doors. Different options available in retractable French screen doors include the use of ‘solar screen’ to prevent sun’s heat and UV radiation to reach and heat room and use of ‘super screen’, which is resistant to pet tears and punctures and five times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.

Advantages of having retractable French screen doors
Through the use of retractable French screen doors, you can ensure that your family and loved ones remain protected and comfortable. Moreover, retractable French screen doors also ensure that your house is given all the attractiveness and decoration that it desires. Additionally, retractable French screen doors, because of usage of mesh screen allow the doors and windows to be left open, naturally cooling your home and reducing the energy bills used for ventilation or cooling purposes. Moreover, retractable French screen doors also function as a screen for blocking the harmful radiation of sun and prevent fading of furnishings and damaging of skin. Retractable French screen doors also reduce glare and prevent squinting of eyes while looking out on a sunny day. Another important point of consideration is that retractable French screen doors are basically aimed to provide assistance in two main aspects: form and function. Because of usage of screen mesh to prevent the movement of insects and debris inside the house, functioning aspect is achieved. And with availability of wide range of materials and colors, the aspect of form is also achieved allowing for increased design and color compatibility with interior design of the house.  

Keeping in view this discussion related to functioning, structure, types, advantages of retractable French screen doors, we can say that retractable French screen doors can help in preventing the movement of flying insects and flying debris inside your house and can add to attractiveness and beauty of your house.