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Retracting Screen Door DIY Kit - up to 108 W x 96 H (Inches)

Retractable Screen Door DIY Kit Measurements:

12" - 108" W by 18" - 96" H

Retractable screen doors are a great addition to your home or business. They allow you to keep your doors open to enjoy free air, but keep the bugs out. The screen is made from a durable fiberglass mesh that will keep even smallest of bugs out, but will not compromise your view or obstruct from it in anyway. So if you are looking for affordable retractable garage door screens or retractable patio screens, a kit may be your answer. Within a short time your garage, patio or other living space will be bug free!

Bravo kits are affordable as well as easy to assemble and install. All our kits come complete with all components included. There is no additional components or purchase necessary.This is not always the case with other kits on the market, so know what you are buying. The screen is available as both an inside or surface  mount that will attach easily and blend seamlessly with your door frame.Choose a color for your aluminum frame that will best match your exterior or door frame. 

All our custom door screens and kits have our patented hydraulic clutch system that allows your screen to close smoothy without slamming into the cassette when retracting.


Retractable garage screen door, retractable patio screen door or porch screen, screening for any large enclosure such as pool entrance, folding bi-fold doors and so much more.

Screen Kit Components:

Screen Cassette with Screen enclosed

Chain Drive

Side Tracks

Mounting Clips

All required screws