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Single Door M41 Ultra Glide DIY Kit - 32 - 60 (max) W x 84 (max) H (Inch)

Retractable screen kits are a great way to save money and get you a top of the line retractable screen. Bravo kits are all inclusive, meaning that unlike some of the competition, all the components necessary to assemble the screen are included. There is nothing extra to buy or add.

A retractable screen door kit requires only a few tools and a little bit of time and before long you are enjoying your fresh air & outdoor.

Bravo Ultra Glide System 41 Kit is unique from the M36 and M41 models because when the screen is installed and in use, you are able to keep your screen in any open position. That is you can have your screen in a quarter, halfway or three quarters open and it will stay in place with the Ultra Glide system. All the other retractable screens will retract back into their cassette housing.

The Ultra Glide will also retract back more smoothly and glide along the tracks without getting hung up. The Ultra Glide System M41 also has our patented hydraulic clutch that will allow your screen to retract back with NO SLAMMING into its cassette housing. It has a durable fiberglass screen that provides 100% insect protection.The screen mesh gives almost an 'invisible' look, hence they are sometimes referred to as invisible screens.

These retractable screens are designed for more rigorous use and for wider doors. This single retractable screen door kit will fit from 32" to 60" max in width and 86" (max) H. This screen can be mounted on inswing or outswing single door of any make or style and sliding door. Ideal for front door, patio door & sliding door.

Ultra Glide M41 Kit Components:

Screen Cassette

Spring Assembly

Adjustable Handles

Top and Bottom Tracks

Magnetic Latch


Single Doors, such as Front Door, Back Door, Side Doors, Patio Doors, Sliding Doors and so much more