Retractable Door for Closet M41


Bravo screen can fit any opening or closet door. They can be mounted inside or outside the opening. they can be mounted upto 48″ wide and 195″ high depends the model you pick.

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    Retractable Door for Closet

    Installing a Retractable Door for Closet is a great way to increasing the available floor space in any room of your home. Because the door withdraws  back into its own housing, there isn’t the need to reserve the additional space that a standard door requires to swing open and closed, nor the space needed for a regular door to remain open against the wall. Ideal for where space is limited you only use 3 inches of opening space.

    This is the perfect option for making small spaces larger. It can be used for any indoor application. Retractable Door for Closet is great because when it is not in use, it becomes virtually invisible.  In addition, when in use, it provides the perfect privacy needs, yet when it is open, it provides the openness desired to create a large area. The fabric choices available are either semi-transparent or opaque (a non-transparent option).

    The Advantages of A Retractable Door for Closet

    Retractable Door for Closet can add a lot of functionality and convenience to a home, due to the fact that it can be added in locations where a standard swinging door would be cumbersome or constantly in the way. Because a retractable door simply rolls back into its housing when they are opened, they are much more convenient and space-efficient than standard options.   Extremely convenient and trouble-free, and will provide useful service for the life of the home. All Bravo products are high quality, little to no maintenance and are cost effective which is what makes them the ideal solution.


    * Function

    * Convenience

    * Privacy when closed

    * Open up living spaces when retracted back or open

    *Drawn back when not in use

    *Closet and doorway

    *Retracts into its own housing.

    Applications: Passage Door – Closet Door- Book Shelf Cover- Room Dividers – Room Partitions-Room Dividers 

    Bravo manufacturers retracting doors and retractable door & screens for almost any opening.

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    White, Almond, Brownstone, Adobe Gray, Desert Tan, Hunter Green, Black


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