Retractable Screen Patio Door for Double Patio Doors M41/93 Horizontal Slide

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With a Bravo Retractable screen Patio Door entryway framework, you appreciate outside air course, while ceasing access of those dreadful bugs and creepy crawlies. Our screen entryways permit natural air breezes into your homes while keeping bugs out. Likewise, our screen entryways give the ideal sum shade from the sun’s glaring beams just as upgrades your security.
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In spring and summer months, your yard zone is a standout amongst the most used spots. It is a perfect spot for grilling with companions, engaging family or loosening up unobtrusively. Sadly, these territories become a shelter for annoying creepy crawlies and bugs. At Bravo, we have the solution to this issue — Retractable Patio Screen Door.

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Retractable screen Patio Door

The M41 Double Cassette Retractable screen Patio Door Horizontal Slide System:
180″ (max. width) and 171″ ( max.height). Solar Screen  105″ W (Max) x 171″ H (Max)

In  spring and summer months, your patio area is one of the most utilized places. It is an ideal spot for barbecuing with friends, entertaining family or unwinding quietly. Unfortunately, these areas become a haven for pesky insects and bugs. At Bravo, we have the solution to this problem — Retractable Patio Screen Doors.

With a Bravo Retractable screen Patio door system, you enjoy fresh air circulation, while stopping access of those nasty bugs and insects. Our screen doors allow fresh air breezes into your homes while keeping bugs out. In addition, our screen doors provide the perfect amount shade from the sun’s glaring rays as well as enhances your privacy. Bravo screen doors, unlike many others out there, will not slam back into their housing to create a loud banging noise.

Our M- 41 Bravo retractable screen patio door is a two cassette system that can spans up to 180″ wide and 171″ high.The two screens will come from either side and join in the middle. The two cassette system allows you to open one screen door, while keeping the other screen door closed, if you like.Each cassette or screen door will span a width of 63″ wide and 171″ high.
The housing cassette is 1.55 x 1.9 ” in diameter. This Retractable screen Patio door system is ideal for residential or commercial use. M-41 is very easy to mount.
Our retracting doors are available in a variety of colors in order to match your room’s decor, thereby allowing it to seamlessly blend into the background.

Two door mesh choices are available:  insect screen mesh or insect solar insect mesh. Our insect mesh is made from durable fiberglass and has a specially formulated vinyl coat that ensures a longer lasting color and flexibility. Our screen door mesh is stronger and more resistant  than the standard fiberglass mesh available.

The second option of solar coated insect screen door mesh. It has a multi-purpose fabric that guarantees the ultimate protection in insect defense while also stopping up to 65% of the sun’s hazardous rays, heat and glare!
Both screen door meshes are minuscule enough to keep out the minutest of bugs, so you and your family protected. Also both meshes give you an “invisible screen” that appears almost see-thru when viewing.

Retractable screen Patio doors have become an extremely popular choice for your patio area. The reason so many people prefer a retractable screen door option is because they effortlessly glide and retract back into their housing when not needed.

They completely disappear from sight, therefore they do not diminish from your home or building’s aesthetic. Yet, they are fully functional when you need them to be.The screen door mesh allows for great visibility and will not detract or obstruct from your views while in use.

M-41 Horizontal slide has a max width 180 inches and max screen height 171 inches
If you have a larger door or enclosure and need a wider screen door, please see our Patio System M46 (Double) Horizontal Slide that will accommodate areas with a max width of 200″ wide and  228″ high.
For assistance or questions on these screen doors or any other product, please do not hesitate to call us at: 1-800-446-1626.

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    These screens made my day they work great now can use the patio more. Thanks. Bulck. A-OR

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